“Mary is the real deal! Had my first session with her this week and it was truly amazing!
So much healing took place on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.
I immediately felt a connection upon meeting her and knew I was in the right place. Mary is like a little ray of sunshine with so much care and compassion. Helping people to heal themselves is not just what she does it’s who she is. Working  with her was one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself.
Mary is a powerful healer! Her knowledge of Energy Medicine combined with other modalities is truly unique and inspiring. I look forward to many more sessions with her and learning from her. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of healing with Mary!”  -Mary S



“After going through a traumatic event in my personal life recently Mary gave me a treatment which helped to ground me and bring me much peace. I had been experiencing more migraines than usual after the event, and on one day in particular I became very disoriented and was having a hard time focusing my thoughts ( my husband and I, both former first responders, ran all of the stroke tests to make sure that this was not a CVA in progress) I called Mary and thankfully she was able to get me in for a session. After the session I was once again able to get my thoughts together and there was a wonderful calmness and peace that came over me. I am so grateful to Mary for always having the time and compassion to care so much for the people in her personal and professional life. Her knowledge of energy medicine is vast and she is great about passing that along to her clients so that they can also take responsibility for their own well being which is so important. Mary has a wonderfully positive and calm energy that shines through in her sessions.” -TL




“I JUST WANT TO SLEEP-can you help me? Mary listened patiently to my ranting about my life, all of my stresses and my constant waking up to go to the bathroom. Mary said of course I can help facilitate the healing process that your body has already in place. I thought to myself, facilitate-I just want you to heal me! I went with it though and boy I am glad I did. Mary’s kind, gentle, supportive way during her sessions is invaluable. After a few sessions with her my sleep improved considerably and my big stresses did not seem as big. Mary had told me if I was willing to do the self-care, which by the way is easy and works, I would start to look at life through a different lens. Things that use to stress me out, don’t anymore and I handle situations with so much more patience. Mary not only saved me, but she helped me to be a better Mom. Our children are so much more happy now.  My relationship with my partner has improved and guess what, I am SLEEPING. I call Mary my wizard, so thank you Wizard!!!!!!!!!!”  –Mo



“When I first met Mary, I will admit that I was skeptical. I was desperate though and thought what the heck this Energy Medicine is worth a try. I had excessive ringing in my ears for over a year and had been to many specialist with no relief.  I slid into a deep depression as a result. There were days  I felt like jumping off a bridge, just to stop the ringing in my ears. I will confess going to Mary was out of desperation! I was depressed, felt hopeless and fearful that I was going to have to live with the ringing in my ears for the rest of my life. After the first session the intensity of the ringing was down. My hopes went up a bit. The great part was in between my sessions with Mary, she always checked in with me to see how I was doing. That meant a lot to me. After the second visit I went for several days with no ringing, but it gradually came back. It was the best few days I’ve had in over a year. With each visit, I would go longer without the ringing in my ears. My spirits picked up and the veil of depression lifted. I went for a total of 8 sessions and the 8th one was the charm-NO MORE RINGING!!!!  I have my life back…Mary was my little angel and I can’t thank her enough!”  –SueP



“I can’t say enough about Mary. She helped my Mom at the end of her life to ease her pain and suffering. Our Mothers passing was peaceful, thanks to Mary. Mary was there whenever we needed her. We are so appreciative for everything she did for our Mother, but for us as well.” –BG




“Mary uses a variety of treatments drawn from many cultures with gentleness and expertise. Her care has greatly minimized the effects of my year of intense chemotherapy and enabled me to feel healthy and remain active. She has taught me exercises and therapeutic routines to use between treatments. Her caring and positive approach is energizing. I feel empowered with my own health journey, thank you Mary!” –JM



“When I first met Mary, I was immediately connected to her.  I was in physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.  My life was in chaos and I was feeling pretty lousy overall.  Mary explained to me how energy medicine worked and how I would be able to incorporate it into my life to start healing and work toward being balanced again.  Over time, I began to see improvement in all areas of my life.  Each session is immediately helpful but doing Mary’s homework and the five-minute daily energy routine is what really makes the difference in staying balanced.  Not only has the energy medicine made a huge improvement in my life, but Mary has also done that.  She is a wonderful person to talk to and can offer advice and counseling in a warm and understanding way that I had not experienced anywhere else.  I am delighted to have found her and would recommend energy medicine to anyone who wants to feel and live better.” –Michelle



“Mary is an essential gift to give yourself! She is very knowledgeable and well educated in Eden Energy Medicine. She is truly a joyful person that shares her joy with you in a most natural and unassuming way. The energy routines and tips Mary gives you are easy to incorporate into your busy life. She is so skillful in sharing her knowledge that I feel like its time spent with a good friend instead of a formalized class experience. I have participated in acupuncture, reiki and massage sessions separately with positive results, but EEM brings the healthful results of each together in every one of Mary’s treatments. I feel at peace, stronger and focused after each session with Mary. My greatest feeling is the joy of knowing that I can continue the process on my own and actually improve my health and wellness. Learning about the body’s energy patterns and systems and how to stimulate and unblock them has greatly improved my quality of life.” –JF




“I am so grateful to have found Mary to work with me! After reading “Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden, I wanted to find someone local to help me along. Everything in life has an energy component to it, and everything is all connected. Energy Medicine makes perfect sense. Having worked with many forms of energy healing over the last 20 years, for me, EEM is the most comprehensive system I have found to bridge our energy bodies with our physical one. I truly want to learn, and Mary makes it easy. Homework has never been this much fun…or felt this goodJ Mary provides a safe environment to just be yourself. And it’s like your battery pack gets a full charge when you are with her! Her session work is the ultimate in feeling pampered. For me, it is empowering that with Mary’s guidance, I have the ability to work with my energies and make changes to help body, mind, and soul function together towards optimal well-being. I feel much more grounded and resilient than when I started – able to re-center easier if life blows me off course. My goal is to live to be well over 100 with an amazing sense of well-being. Energy Medicine is the foundation to take me there. Thanks Mary!” -GF



“Wow, after my heart attack, the sessions I had with Mary turned my life around and I feel so much better.” –DM



“I was so upset after leaving my OB/GYN office after my last visit. The Doctor had told me that my baby was breech and I would most likely have a C-section. I was so upset and discouraged. I really wanted to have a natural child birth. After I left the office, I had heard about Mary, so I called her to see if she could do anything to get my baby in position for a natural child birth. She explained that we sure could try, so  I set up an appointment. We were pretty sure the baby flipped, but I found out for sure a few days later that the baby was in position. I soon went into labor and we now have a healthy baby boy. My husband and I are so grateful to her, so thank you Mary-you are the best!!!” –BL




“I have suffered from Depression/Anxiety  for years and hated that I had to depend on drugs for my depression. I heard about Mary through a friend and thought I will give it a try. After the first session I felt pretty good. Mary provided me with self-care tips and explained that the two of us are a team. I did the self-care that she gave me and saw an improvement in my overall health. Mary advised me to only go off my medication under my Doctors care. After about 4 sessions I made an appointment with my medical Doctor and shared with her what I was doing. She was very interested and together we decided to try discontinuing my medication. I called Mary immediately and was so excited that my Doctor was willing to participate in our team approach. I saw Mary for two more sessions before returning to my Medical Doctor. My Dr. was so impressed on how well I was doing without my Medication. I told her I feel empowered with my health and now I am in control. EEM has changed my life and I am so grateful for Mary, you rock girl…” -JB



“I was having migraines daily, and only got a break from them for up to a week at a time. After three sessions, one week or so apart, one morning I called her as one was erupting. She talked me through it. Within a few minutes, I was sitting up in bed, eager to get off of the phone with her so I could start my day. I have since had flickers of migraines every few days, but within a few minutes, they respond to the exercises that she taught to me, and within a half hour, they vanish. I feel honored to be receiving the benefit of her lifetime of training, plus her enthusiasm for matching her energy with that of us clients to help us heal by balancing our energy. Mary has been spending her lifetime accumulating tools to share with us clients. She uses tuning forks, crystals, magnets, touch, stones, talk, essential oils, decor, sound, and I haven’t yet seen her entire bag of tricks. Each has a deliberate purpose, according to what she perceives is needed.” –GB