What can I expect during a session?

After the initial consultation, a session will begin with an assessment of your energies using muscle testing. Treatments are typically conducted on a massage table and clients should wear comfortable clothes.

During a session, a variety of healing modalities will be employed to facilitate your body’s healing processes. Eden Energy Medicine is at the core of Mary’s practice but one or more of the following may also be integrated during your session:

  • Reiki
  • Sound therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chakra clearing
  • Meridian tracing
  • Holding or tapping accupressure points
  • Flushing neurolymphatic points
  • Reflective listening counseling

What does a session feel like?

Like acupuncture or massage, clients report feeling deeply relaxed, sleeping better and being more focused after sessions, in addition to freedom from their symptoms. The biggest difference between the other modalities and EEM, is that EEM clients feel empowered with their health.  Many clients have said, “Wow, I feel I am truly in control of my health-finally!”

Mary enjoys sharing and teaching her techniques with folks  of all abilities and ages, from children to adults. Contact Mary here to discuss which options are best for you at this time.

How long is a session?

Initial sessions generally take around 90 minutes, while follow-ups usually take 75 minutes.


Clients will be given simple exercises and self-care tips to try at home to participate in the process and speed up their healing. Follow-up sessions will begin with tracking energetic shifts from your previous session.

With consistent practice of energy therapy and other techniques, you will feel inspired and empowered. You will develop a deeper awareness of your body’s energy systems, and gain a set of practices that will enable you to play a greater role in your sense of well-being and health.

Payment Information

Sessions are done in-person or remotely. For more information on remote sessions, click here.

1 Session     $95.00

3 Session discount package     $265.00
Cash/Check 250.00

5 Session discount package     $395.00
Cash/Check 375.00

***Senior Discount for pkg of 3 = 240.00****

        Cash/Checks only for senior discount

        Age 62 plus years old

Methods of payment:

Payments are accepted via cash, check. VENMO (Mary-Lichtenstein-1) or credit card. Checks are made out to; Mary Lichtenstein. Gift Certificates are available for purchase as well!

Please note: 

Prices are subject to change.

Package deals expire after one year from the date of purchase and not refundable.

Financial and Late Policies

  1.  Payment for services is due at the time services are rendered unless other arrangements have made.
  2.  I accept cash, check, credit cards, and Venmo for all sessions.
  3. Please give 24 hours notice to cancel appointments in order to avoid being charged for the appointment. I only see one client at a time, so if you cancel at the last minute, it becomes impossible to schedule another with short notice.
  4. Please be on time. If you are late, your session may be shorter in order for me to honor other clients. You will still be responsible for full payment of the session time you have scheduled.
  5. Returned check fees are the financial responsibility of the client.
  6. Please understand that your insurance coverage is an agreement between the insurance company and you. If you choose to seek reimbursement, it is your responsibility to know what is required by your insurance company to do so, including the necessity of referrals. Please understand that wellness, prevention or maintenance generally are not services covered by most insurance companies.
  7. I am not a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid or any other government sponsored programs or insurance plans.
  8.  Please access and read HIPPA and Notice of Privacy Practices.

Remote Sessions

I have done remote sessions with great success and would love to do remote sessions for any of my clients that are interested.

Here’s how a remote session works…
First, we connect virtually, via phone or preferably through a video chat connection such as FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom, at the appointment time for approx. 15 minutes. We will discuss any new occurrences whether physical, emotional, or both. We will then disconnect from whatever form of communication we were using and I will begin your session. While I am working, you can still do calm activities such as walking, cooking, reading, even working, as long as it is not a strenuous activity. I like you to be doing something, as this distracts your Triple Warmer meridian and actually makes it easier for me to work in your energy field. I will e-mail you a session summary in about 60-90 minutes, along with a text and we will connect to discuss the session and go over self-care.


The approaches Mary uses – such as Energy Medicine, Reiki, or additional counseling techniques – are not intended to replace or interfere with the services of a medical doctor. As practiced by Mary Lichtenstein Energy Medicine, Reiki, or her additional counseling techniques do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.