Empower yourself with powerful healing techniques for yourself and others.

Mary Lichtenstein has been an educator for more than 35 years and is passionate about sharing her experience and expertise with others to give them the tools to live healthier lives with increased vitality and joy!
All classes are taught at Integrative Healing Solutions, 15 Grand View Ave. Mexico, NY 13114.

Current Class Offerings:

Introduction to Eden Energy Medicine

Fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine

Introduction to Eden Energy Medicine Part 1

This course is where you begin your Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) journey. Mary will walk you through the basics of EEM including an introduction to the intricate pathways of energy in and around our bodies, a “daily energy routine” to help harmonize and balance energy in the body, stress management tools, techniques for releasing negative emotions, how to stay grounded and centered and methods to remove toxins using reflex points. Students will leave this workshop with plenty of practices that can be recreated and built upon at home.


Introduction to Eden Energy Part 2

Once you have mastered the basics of EEM and want to integrate more techniques to use for yourself and others, join Mary for the next level of training. You will gain hands-on experience with protecting your aura, pain releasing techniques, energy testing yourself and others, powerful energy balancing protocols. Prerequisite: Into to EEM Part 1.


Eden Energy Medicine Fundamentals Program

The Fundamentals program is a one-year intensive course that teaches the foundations of Eden Energy Medicine. The class convenes over four long weekends at Mary’s home in Mexico, NY where you will expand and refine your toolbox of techniques to achieve optimal energy balance for your own health and well-being as well as that of others. The methodologies learned can easily be integrated into your role as a caregiver in your personal and professional life. This course will teach you all you need to know to prepare for culminating written and practical examinations. Upon successful completion, graduates of the foundations program will become certified EEM practitioners and can begin their own practice!