About Mary

Mary Lichtenstein offers personal Eden Energy Medicine therapy and counseling sessions that include a variety of integrated and holistic approaches.

Mary is a seasoned educator, with more than 35 years of classroom and one-to-one teaching experience, and 13 years working in hospitals, physicians’ offices, and delivering home care. Starting out in western medicine as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, she found herself increasingly interested in new and alternative pathways for both human and planetary healing.

“I have long been intrigued by the mind-body-spirit connection. This led me to work in a Chiropractor’s office, explore acupuncture, become a Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, PYSCH-K Facilitator, and a Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. I have gained certification as an energy healer, explored spiritualty, and studied alternative conflict management approaches, mindfulness meditation,  and other energy and healing modalities.”

Mary encountered Eden Energy MedicineTM (EEM) through the Omega Institute.

“I was profoundly drawn to EEM because of the vision of wholeness it offers, and the educational tools it provides for realizing our full potential. I was immediately impressed because it made so much sense–providing tools and information that lead to overall wellness. I started doing the Daily Energy Medicine Routine, along with other energy medicine tools, and I reaped the results immediately. My personal health has improved in leaps and bounds. My family has joined in, and they feel the same way!”

Mary continues her active training understanding that this is an endlessly fascinating field, offering boundless wisdom.

“I’m constantly seeing new evidence of the wonderful benefits for my clients and myself by making energy medicine part of everyday life!”

Mary’s integrated systems of therapy focus on a client-centered approach. She works with her clients to address root causes of emotional and physical difficulties that often result in roadblocks to their achievement, success and health.