Before you come…


Welcome to my practice. Thank you for choosing me as a member of your wellness care team. Before we get started, I would like to give you information about my practice. Please read this statement and let me know what questions you may have.

What is Energy Medicine



I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and a certified instructor of Eden Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine is an approach that involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing your health. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I work with subtle energies, and do not offer diagnosis, treatment or cure for any physical, mental or emotional health problem, disorder or illness, nor do I make recommendations involving pharmaceutical drugs or surgery, or handle medical emergencies. The most direct way to explain what we do is bring your unique energies into balance and provide you with tools to maintain that balance. Once the body regains that balance an individuals overall health and wellbeing fall into place. The form I use draws from Donna Eden and her book, Energy Medicine.

The techniques you will be experiencing and learning trace back to ancient healing and spiritual traditions such as acupuncture, reiki, yoga and tai chi. The form I use and teach is thoroughly modern and does not require adherence to any particular set of beliefs or practices. The core concept is that your personal wellbeing and effectiveness are directly related to the state of your body’s energies. The techniques I will be using and teaching you are based on the premise that by promoting balance and flow in the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies, health and well being are enhanced. I assess and balance the subtle body energies of the Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Triple Warmer, Celtic Weave, Five Rhythms, Bio-Electrical System, Strange Flows, and Fundamental Energy Organizations including Grounding and Cross-Lateral Patterning. The techniques may involve the use of certain postures or movements or touching, holding, pressing upon, tracing, or circling over specified areas of the skin. They move, balance, enhance, and restore the body’s energies. I may also employ a procedure called “energy testing” (Applied Energy Kinesiology) where I apply light pressure to your outstretched arm, sometimes while you or I touch another area of your body. This is a way of assessing how your energies are flowing through specific areas of your body and help us identify the techniques that will be most beneficial for you.

Although Energy Medicine uses the term “medicine,” it does not imply that Energy Medicine practitioners are practicing medicine. Energy Medicine is a term used by many training programs that teach people how to assess and correct for energy imbalances in the body. Energy Medicine complements all other traditional medical and holistic approaches, and stands alone as a system of self-care. Energy Medicine can bring balance to the energetic patterns of physical illness along with emotional or mental distress, and can also promote high-level wellness, prevention of disorders, and peak performance. Energy Medicine attempts to optimize the body’s overall health and vitality. Energy Medicine is not a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment of medical or mental health conditions by a licensed health care professional. If you have a disorder that has been diagnosed by a licensed medical or mental health professional or a condition that should be evaluated by a licensed health professional, my services should be used only in conjunction with your obtaining that care. I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders, nor am I trained or licensed to do so, instead I assess individual’s energies and facilitate the healing process to help my clients regain balance, vitality, joy and overall healing.

What to expect 

You are entirely unique, so the pace of your progress towards your goals will also be unique. Since the experience of wellness in body, mind and spirit has direct correlations in the subtle energy fields, addressing subtle energies has the potential to profoundly affect health. Essentially, your overall health is an inside job, and I make no claims about what your individual outcomes will be along the way. I act as an ally/facilitator on your healing journey, partnering with your energies towards healing during our sessions, and helping you discover the next steps in your process.

You are in complete control of the pace of your progress. I will teach you energy balancing techniques that you can use every day to enhance and extend the benefits of our session work. A huge benefit is clients gain a feeling of empowerment and control with their own health.

Clients remain fully clothed, and I recommend you wear comfortable, non-constrictive clothing to your sessions. I focus on energy balancing through light touch.

Length of session

The first session is 70-90 minutes long, which includes: history, and discussion of your goals, treatment session, self care, and treatment plan. Subsequent treatments are 70 minutes.

Note: Please fill out the intake (IHS) form  prior to your session. Where is it located? Go  under sessions and click on IHS intake form. Filling out the intake form prior to your initial session allows me to look it over before you arrive for the initial session. This will save time and gives you more time for the treatment portion of your session. We are saving paper which helps to conserve our natural resources.

Payment information

Sessions  70 minutes:  $75.00 (cash/check)

3-session discount package
$195.00 (cash/check)

5-session discount package
$295.00 (cash/check)

Methods of payment

Payments are accepted via cash, check or credit card. Gift Certificates are available for purchase as well! (NOTE: To keep my prices lower I am going to charge credit/debit card users a little bit more to offset the cost to me. If you buy one session @ 75.00 with a credit/debit card the actually amount charged to your card will be 79.00. The package price of 195.00 will be charged 205.00 and the 295.00 package price will be charged 310.00. )

Please note

  • Prices are subject to change.

  • Package deals expire after one year from the date of purchase.

Financial and late policies

  1.  Payment for services is due at the time services are rendered unless other arrangements have made.

  2.  I accept cash, check & credit cards for all sessions.

  3. Please give 24 hours notice to cancel appointments in order to avoid being charged for the appointment.  I only see one client at a time, so if you cancel at the last minute, it becomes impossible to schedule  another with short notice.

  4. Please be on time. If you are late, your session may be shorter in order for me to honor other clients. You will still be responsible for full payment of the session time you have scheduled.

  5. Returned check fees are the financial responsibility of the client.

  6. Please understand that your insurance coverage is an agreement between the insurance company and you. If you choose to seek reimbursement, it is your responsibility to know what is required by your insurance company to do so, including the necessity of referrals. Please understand that wellness, prevention or maintenance generally are not services covered by most insurance companies.

  7. I am not a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid or any other government sponsored programs or insurance plans.

  8.  Please access and read HIPPA and Notice of Privacy Practices from the sessions menu above.