Covid-19 Update

March 26, 2020

To all of my clients, I hope you are doing well and keeping your spirits up as the Coronavirus crisis unfolds.

Given the recent recommendations from health experts regarding social distancing, Donna and David Eden, the founders of Eden Energy Medicine, are advising all practitioners to carefully consider the implications of continuing to see clients in person.

Here’s the risk: we do not know who carries the virus and the percentages are increasing exponentially, so we need to do our part in reducing the chance of anyone becoming a carrier through the close-up work of in-person EEM sessions. Because of these factors, I have made the difficult decision, along with most of my fellow EEM Practitioners, to stop seeing clients in face-to-face sessions until health authorities say it is safe to do.

Remote Sessions

The good news is, despite the inability to be physically together, I have done remote sessions before with great success and would love to do remote sessions for any of my clients that want to keep their current appointment this next week.

Here’s how a remote session works…
First, we connect virtually, via phone or preferably through a video chat connection such as FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom, at the appointment time for approx. 15 minutes. We will discuss any new occurrences whether physical, emotional, or both. We will then disconnect from whatever form of communication we were using and I will begin your session. While I am working, you can still do calm activities such as walking, cooking, reading, even working, as long as it is not a strenuous activity. I like you to be doing something, as this distracts your Triple Warmer and actually makes it easier for me to work in your energy field. I will e-mail you a session summary in about 60-90 minutes, along with a text and we will connect to discuss the session and go over self-care.

For each remote session, we will make a $10 donation to the local Food Bank. Just a small gesture to help others in need while we heal ourselves.

Future Scheduling

If you want to reschedule a physical appointment two weeks out, we can do that, but due to the uncertainty of what is happening globally, there is no guarantee that we will be able to keep that appointment.

I recognize that this may be inconvenient, especially during these stressful times when healing services are needed more than ever, but public safety needs to be foremost in our minds. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. My heart is with you.